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Fanum Answers The Web's Most Searched Questions

YouTuber, streamer and unapologetic New Yorker Fanum visits WIRED to answer his most searched for questions.

Released on 10/26/2023


What's up y'all?

I'm Fanum and this is the Wired Autocomplete Interview.

[upbeat music]

I wanted to get a face tat,

but all my friends kept saying, Don't do that.

Y'all let me know if I should, but I don't know.

Everybody keeps saying don't do it, so whatever.

[upbeat music]

A'ight, What does Fanum mean?

It's my nickname.

Basically, you know, like a Casper, like a ghost,

like Fanum, like he just, I'm in and out.

I'm just, I just show up.

[laughs] What is Fanum real name?

My real name is Roberto.

You gotta say with a little accent though,

'cause if you don't say it with the accent,

you're not really saying it at all.

What is Fanum tax?

Fanum tax is basically,

let's say your friend having a meal,

he's having a good meal,

and you just want a piece of that meal.

Like, you know what I'm saying? You need a share.

That's your friend and the friend's share, right?

Get you a little piece of the meal.

It's the Fanum tax. You just go ahead and just like,

lemme get a little bit of 5%, 10% of the meal, maybe 20%.

Just depend on how you feel that day.

You know what I mean?

I know lately they got the new thing. They got the uh-

♪ Sticking out your gyat for the rizzler ♪

♪ You're so Skibidi ♪

♪ You're so fan ♪ I don't know what that is, ♪

but shout out to the little bros that came up with that.

I don't know what that is, but that's the Fanum tax.

What server does Fanum play on?

Oh, GTA 5. District 10. Join up.

You know what's going on.

We just have fun on there.

Everybody that's over there, you know what's going on.

What's Fanum's favorite song?

I've been bumping Feel No Ways by Drake.

Damn near every day.

I ain't gonna lie,

but my favorite song, I would, I, yeah,

I feel like it changes every two, three months.

So oh, oh, oh, matter fact, Tems just dropped,

I think it's Me & U.

Tough. Right now I'm playing that every day too.


What car does Fanum have?

So I'm gonna give you my favorite car,

my BMW M4 2018 Competition Edition.

I'm talking about we have fun with that,

you know what I'm saying?

My other cars was cool, shout out to the Hondezzy Boys,

Honda Accord, you know what I mean?

2008 V6.

And then my most recent pickup,

I did like a Widebody kit, my Lamborghini Urus,

I did a Widebody kit. Stage 2 is fire.

But my favorite call my BMW M4.

All right, cool. Moving on.

Fanum and Kay.

Shout out to Kay Linx. That's the bro.

Oh, we used to do videos back in the Bronx, bro.

She still the bro to this day, you feel me?

Fanum and Duke.

Duke Dennis, Duke is the AMP bro.

If you don't know about AMP, you need to find out now.

AMP is a group, a content creation group,

and me and Duke are a part of it.

Along with Kai Cenat, Davis, Agent, and Chris.

You know what I'm saying?

So shout out to Duke Dennis the broski.

We go way back.

We been playing two K and stuff on the game,

since I was like 16.

So yeah, Fanum deli order.

A'ight, [laughs] if you ask me today my deli,

I might get a chopped cheese with everything on it.

Turkey bacon on it, you know, I'm trying get little,

you know what I mean?

Lettuce. Tomato. I might do light mayo.

Depending on the day,

I might do a little bit of ketchup

just to get that twang in there. [snaps]

But if I'm feeling healthy, I might do honey turkey.

You know what I'm saying? Depend, you know what I'm saying?

Just different day, different moods, right?

Fanum straight face meme.

I don't know. I don't know what the-

[Speaker] You have no idea what that is?

I don't know? Fanum straight face meme.

I'm not sure. I ain't gonna lie. [chuckles]

Fanum Kylo Richmond.

RP Kylo Richmond, that's my GTA 5 character.

He got shot. Somebody shot him. [laughs]

All right, cool.

Why does Fanum wear a mask?

Usually I wear a ski mask on stream as of recent,

only because I got this little weight loss challenge.

'Cause you know what I'm saying?

They been telling me like, yeah,

you gotta do something about it, bro.

So I've been working on me,

and if I get under 230 pounds,

which is been a little tough, know what I mean?

'Cause I like to eat good, I gotta take off the mask.

But so far I gotta keep the mask on, [laughs]

'cause I've been going crazy.

Why does Fanum say God did?

Because you know, 'cause God did.

You know what I mean?

'Cause God's still doin'.

But you know, 'cause God did.

It's self-explanatory. Come on bro.

Why does Fanum steal food?

I don't steal food.

I add I, I, I, I, I implement my own tax.

'Cause I have to, because as a functioning society member,

whatever that's called,

why are you buying food and not trying to give nobody?

You should always offer your friend.

You want some of this? Come on bro.

Like what are you talking about?

A'ight you bet.

When did Fanum join AMP?

I forgot the date, but we started AMP.

I was there since day one.

Since day zero since negative one, matter of fact.

And what it stands for AMP,

any means possible.

So we just feel like we gonna get to what we going,

we gotta get to by any means.

Feel me?

So we want to get 10 million subscribers on YouTube.

Maybe you should sub up, you know what I'm saying?

Sub up to this channel too, know what I'm saying?

Like I ain't trying to get up there.

When did Fanum grow up?

The Bronx, New York City.

You know what I'm saying?

So I grew up on 1 6 7.

Well I've been all over the Bronx,

but that's like my final resting home.

You know what I'm saying?

I got there when I was like 12.

Before that I was on 187, Merriam Ave, still the Bronx.

I just always been the Bronx.

Just the Big BX, you know what I'm saying?

The boogie down.

When did Fanum start streaming?

I've been on and off since I was a kid.

Like on it on it though, like consistent,

I would say in the past year and a half.

Just been like damn near almost every day.

But, when I first started my first ever stream

with the PlayStation camera,

if you know, you know, you know what I'm saying?

That's like eight years ago, seven years ago.

That's, that was a little while ago.

Where does Fanum get his clothes?

It just depends, you know, if you a grail demon,

you know what I'm saying?

Or maybe the bros might have something you might

want to trade or you go thrift shopping.

I don't do too much thrift shopping,

'cause I'll be in there for too long,

and I start getting hungry,

and I can't find my size and I gotta go home.

But you know, everybody different.

Online far, I don't know, it just, it just, you know,

wherever we find it at.

I could chuck it.

[Speaker] Yeah. [Fanum laughs]

Does Fanum, does Fanum have tattoos?

Yeah, I do.

I got damn near my whole back flooded out.

I wanted to get a face tat,

but all my friends kept saying, Don't do that.

Y'all let me know if I should. But I don't know.

Everybody keeps saying don't do it, so whatever.

Can Fanum speak Spanish?

[Fanum speaking Spanish]

[Fanum continues speaking Spanish]

Fanum it just makes sense.

Like, 'cause it just makes sense bro, you feel me?

It's like another saying that I say,

'cause it definitely just makes sense,

you know what I'm saying? For sure.

You know what I mean?


Fanum VR chat.

VR chat is funny but it can get weird fast.

You know That's like a, you put the little,

you know, we in 2023 now you got different stuff going on.

You know, you can do, you can do cool stuff.

Fanum kick. I don't know what that means,

but I think this is like the streaming platform.

You know, it's been an ongoing battle with

where streamers are signing to.

So far I'm rocking with Twitch, you know what I'm saying?

But you never know., you know what I'm saying?

You just never know. I can't speak too much on that.

But you never know.

Fanum quotes.

Uh, damn.

Whole bunch of motivational stuff.

I'm always saying some motivational cool stuff on stream.

You know what I'm saying, outta nowhere at random.

It's never planned. I just get in that bag.

You got God there, you know what I'm saying?

You could shout to DJ Cal. Feel me?

But word, we went crazy with that one.

It just makes sense.

A whole bunch of stuff, you know what I'm saying?

We just, I can't even name 'em off the top of my head.

You gotta tap in. You gotta tap in.

Matter of fact, tap in, tap in means get into him.

That means you need to come. Yeah, tap in.

How about that one? Everybody spam tap in.

Fanum in brown jacket.

Remember I was, I was just saying the brown jacket,

that's the only meme that I could say that's a Fanum meme.

I ain't gonna lie.

They put it always like if someone has food,

Fanum just arrived.

They put, they put that picture.

But that picture is a funny picture.

I went to Walmart and I got me a nice fit,

and I walked into the crib with the fit,

and it was like what?

What you got on? But it look fly to me.

It ain't about to brand bro's,

it's how you put it on bro?

Like that, bro I be tryin' to say that.

I don't be-

Fanum merch.

We got some merch dropping.

You know, shout out to the true flip,

you know what I'm saying?

We got some merch right now. We don't got no merch out.

But you know we got some merch dropping, so word.

You know what I'm saying?

AMP out though.

AMP shout man, you never know man.

Go tap in man. Facts.

But yeah, it's the last one. Yeah.

Ah man. A'ight.

Fanum. Fanum as a kid.

Like a picture or something.

[Speaker] What were you like as a kid?

I was doing something, some random stuff.

I was just like off the wall.

Fanum GTA.

Told y'all District 10.

Look it up y'all, District 10, man it's hot.

Come on bro, come have fun with us bro.

You know we lit.

Fanum in Japan.

Me and Kai went to Japan.

We went to, where we went to?

We went everywhere.

Japan was super dope.

We did IRL streaming.

If you don't know what IRL streaming is,

a'ight some people stream from the house,

others stream outside in the world.

They just put the camera on

and it's like, you know my location 24/7.

It's a little creepy, but it's cool though.

So you know what I'm saying?

Might catch us on Twitch and stuff like that.

Fanum drip.

I don't know.

Garments and pieces, outfits, stuff like that.


Oh, that's all Google searches, right?

Yeah. Damn.

Why y'all trying to find out about all that stuff, bro?

'Sup with y'all? [laughs]

Well, I hope I answered your questions that you had

directly from the source, you know what I'm saying?

But yeah, Fanum texts stop, stop googling that bro.

Like leave it alone.

[upbeat music]

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