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Måneskin Answer the Web's Most Searched Questions

Italian rock band Måneskin stops by WIRED to answer their most searched questions from Google. What should you wear to a Måneskin concert? What kind of bass does Victoria play? How did Damiano learn to sing? Which of their songs does each member relate to most? Director: Justin Wolfson Director of Photography: AJ Young Editor: Paul Tael Talent: Victoria De Angelis; Damiano David; Thomas Raggi, Ethan Torchio Line Producer: Joseph Buscemi Associate Producer: Paul Gulyas Production Manager: Peter Brunette Production and Equipment Manager: Kevin Balash Talent Booker: Lauren Mendoza Camera Operator: Shay Eberle-Gunst Sound Mixer: Gray Thomas-Sowers Production Assistant: Liza Antonova Post Production Supervisor: Alexa Deutsch Post Production Coordinator: Ian Bryant Supervising Editor: Doug Larsen Assistant Editor: Billy Ward

Released on 11/09/2023


[All] Hey y'all, this is Maneskin.

And this is the Wired Autocomplete Interview.

[upbeat music]

Why was Maneskin censored?

Well... They can't handle.

We're too hot.

[upbeat music]

Let's go. Let's go.

Let's go. First question.

How too pronounced Maneskin correctly?

No. Ah.

Band name. Band name.


Monaskin. Yeah.

But no one's ever gonna pronounce it.

Yeah, we don't even say it.

So the new pronunciation, it's Manskin.

Or Mainskin.

No. No, Mainskin is canceled.

What is Maneskin genre?

We just do hot music.

Horny rock.

[Ethan] Who is the leader of Maneskin?

It's our singer, front man sexy Damiano.

It's the four of us.

[Thomas] What to wear to Maneskin concert?

Less clothes. Less is more.

Less is more, wise man once said.

What is Maneskin best song?

I dunno. I would say, For Your Love,

For me, I'd say...

I'm easy, but I Wanna Be Your Slave.

[grunts] Probably Torna a casa.

Is Maneskin Demonic? Demonic!

Yes we are!

Of course, yes. We sold our souls to the devil.

That's why our skin is so good.


Mine. Okay.

What bass does Victoria De Angelis play?

A Danelectro Longhorn with a custom star in the middle.

Victoria De Angelis, Arctic Monkeys.

It's like cross. This is on point.

Obsessed, Victoria's obsessed.

[Thomas] Does Victoria De Angelis have emetophobia?

She created it. Yeah.

Unfortunately I have it really, really bad.

And it's the fear of vomiting.

But now I'm handling it better.

Yeah, we can talk about it,

But still no one can vomit in front of me.

For 20 seconds, but we can talk about it.

Exactly, for 20 seconds. Because before, every time

if someone was like, Oh my God,

I'm nauseous, I'm like No!

And every time I would find out after,

that they were vomiting.

They're all good at hiding it from me when it happens.

That's what we do to take care of you.

Exactly. We hide our sickness.

[Thomas] Victoria De Angelis Street style.

Me and Thomas have a challenge

between who is most stylish.

So I think this shows that I am, of course, the most.

I don't know.

Let's see your board.

Let's see my board, exactly.

Whop. [board thuds]

Whop. [laughs]


Okay, this is the best board.

How many tattoos does Damiano David have?

First of all, I want to thank everybody

because you wrote, Damiano David,

and not, Damiano from Maneskin.

For the second time in my life, I have a surname.

This is a big step for me.

How many tattoos do I have?

I have no idea, but according

to internet sources, they say 31.

I think I have more.

That's a big number. Yeah, you have so many more.

I don't count it.

[Vitoria] How did Damiano David learn to sing?

I never did. [Vitoria laughs]

[Vitoria] How to sing like Damiano David.

There's no chance you can, I'm sorry.

You just go, Nah, nah.

No, no, that's the thing.

When people do this to sound...

I don't know, like rock or to try to sing like me,

it is the worst shit that you can do.

It sounds very bad.

You look very ridiculous.

Damiano David aesthetic. Ah!

So now who's the most stylish?

So who's the most stylish? No, no.

Even less... It's not style,

It's just aesthetic.

Even less words to say.

Like it's more than stylish, it's aesthetic.

I don't know what to answer to this.

I think Victoria's gonna answer to this.

Later. No words.


[Victoria laughs] [board thuds]

Okay, so now the most interesting part

about the most mysterious person.

Ima be scared.

Ethan Torchio as a kid.

How were you as a kid? You want to know

how I was as a kid?

Tell us.

I was actually crazier than now.

Now I'm more normal.

Now I learned how to deal with people,

how to live a normal life.

Okay, next. Iconic

Ethan Torchio drum solo. Drum solo!

Yes, please.

I'm not actually a good drummer so I'm not capable.

[Thomas] That's not true.

Sorry about that, yeah.

That's not true.

In the last tour you had a drum solo.

I'm delusional.

This I also searched for 'cause I watched it.

Really? Yes.

Oh, wow. Because there is this

hot video of you doing the drum solo

at the Circus Maximus concert.

Ethan Torchio model.

Well, obviously.


Super model. Come on.

Right? look at him.

Hello? He's so nice.

That goes without saying.

It goes without saying.

Ethan Torchio funny moments. Funny moments.

I'm not a fun person.

No, but there are lots-

That's not true

There are lots of- In our blogs and our vlogs,

there's lots of funny moments.

You're goofy as fuck, or you say shit

that doesn't make sense and everybody loves you for it.

[Damiano] To my boyfriend Thomas Raggi.

[blows raspberries]

Is Thomas Raggi a good guitarist?

The best! I think, yeah.

I mean, not like a great guitarist,

but think that I can play.

Top five right-handed guitarist in the world.

Thomas Raggi, are you THE LONELIEST?

Do you feel lonely? Little bit.

You never told us.

Especially in the last period.

No, I'm joking, of course.

Like, we're gonna play that song live,

it's one of my favorite one, too.

So I think that it's really great

and yeah, I really love THE LONELIEST,

for sure. [smacks lips]

Oh, this is hard, bro.

I'm scared, you guys.

This one is spicy.

Thomas Raggi, cobra. This one is spicy.

Okay, like this...


I mean, 'cause it was like a nickname

that I had during the X Factor period.

This nickname- And it means like,

yeah, the cobra snake.

But the reality is because

he has a cobra somewhere, you know?

You can guess. You guys can guess,

why they call him that [imitates snake hiss].

Thomas Raggi...

Oh my god. Personality type.

Nobody thinks you're stylish, but they like

your personality. No style, see?

They like your personality.

It's better, no? You're a Capricorn.

That's already enough.

It's even better for sure.


So, what's your personality type?

Maybe, I'm funny, I will say.

I agree.

I'm good. I look great. I'm blonde.

You're blonde. I play guitar.

I'm cool, guys.

Okay, last board, Maneskin.

Where does Maneskin live?

We'll never tell you.

In Rome. 'Cause it's the best city

in the world. Exactly.

We still live in Rome because we genuinely think

it's the best city in the world.

They've been trying to make us move many times.

Yeah, first they tried to have us move to Milan.

And we were like, No way.

And then they tried to make us move

to L.A. and we were like, No way.

But now we're like, Eh, maybe three months a year.

What Maneskin song are you?

Oh my god, guys, we have to take this quiz.

Ah, this is a quiz.

Yeah, it's a quiz. Oh, okay.

But which song do you think you are?

I think Zitti e buoni.

I think Kool Kids 'cause I'm cool.

[band members laugh]

THE LONELIEST 'cause I'm sad.

What are you?

I Wanna be Your Slave.

'Cause he's a slut. [laughs]

[Victoria] What are Maneskin concerts like?

Hot people moving.

Why was Maneskin censored?

Good question. Why was Maneskin censor?

Why? We ask ourselves.

We asked that question to the production.

Why was Maneskin censored?


The can handle, we're too hot.

Okay, why are Maneskin so popular?

You made us. [Victoria laughs]

You tell us. Yeah, you tell us exactly.

Okay, last question.

Why is Maneskin hated? Hated.

Good question! We ask to you,

why is Maneskin hated?

Maybe it's the reason why we got censored.

So it's a dog that bites his own tail.

I toss it!

Goodbye, thank you.

That was a bit off. [Damiano laughs]

That was our last board.

Thank you so much. Thank you so much

for watching it. [Victoria claps]

[upbeat music]

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