Portfolio Update August 2020

Welcome to my first portfolio update. Almost a month late but I made it at least before September ended. One reason to start this blog was to keep track record of my portfolio! To be honest I was lazy in the last years. I did regular updates only once a year and did not spend […]

Offtopic: Short on Tesla

Please note! Without several years experience on the stock market do not touch leveraged Options / Futures. I have not written about my stock market activities yet and options trading is probably not a good starter. But to the Tesla -20% loss on 08.09.2020 and with my sceptics on the tesla market valuation I wanted […]

My first time in P2P

My first time in P2P started with a loan 23.04.2010 Auxmoney. At that time no Autoinvest, Go & Grow or Buyback existed. You had to do your own research and risk management. Every project had a detailed description about the loan purpose and Income/Expenses report. Most requests were customer loans which ranged between 2.000 – […]

Do Finance Review COVID19

Do Finance has been one of the least-mentioned P2P plattforms in Europe. Yet personally its my biggest pitfall! My initial investment was around 20.000 €, mostly triggered due to the attractive bonus scheme and the good auto investment features. When the crisis emerged in March, the payouts from Do Finance were frozen for weeks. I […]

Starting a blog in the COVID Crisis ?

It is probably not the easiest time to start a blog but a very interesting one. My name is Matt, I´m a 35 Years old IT engineer from Austria. I wouldn´t consider myself part of the FIRE or living frugal movement, but since my first job, I invested about 50% of my monthly income in […]

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