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Security Roundup

Signal Is Finally Testing Usernames

Plus: A DDoS attack shuts down ChatGPT, Lockbit shuts down a bank, and a communications breakdown between politicians and Big Tech.

Sandworm Hackers Caused Another Blackout in Ukraine—During a Missile Strike

Russia's most notorious military hackers successfully sabotaged Ukraine's power grid for the third time last year. And in this case, the blackout coincided with a physical attack.

This Cheap Hacking Device Can Crash Your iPhone With Pop-Ups

Plus: SolarWinds is charged with fraud, New Orleans police face recognition has flaws, and new details about Okta’s October data breach emerge.

Microsoft Does Damage Control With Its New ‘Secure Future Initiative’

Following a string of serious security incidents, Microsoft says it has a plan to deal with escalating threats from cybercriminals and state-backed hackers.

This Cryptomining Tool Is Stealing Secrets

Plus: Details emerge of a US government social media-scanning tool that flags “derogatory” speech, and researchers find vulnerabilities in the global mobile communications network.

Police Use of Face Recognition Is Sweeping the UK

Face recognition technology has been controversial for years. Cops in the UK are drastically increasing the amount they use it.

A New US Privacy Bill Seeks to End Warrantless Police and FBI Spying

The Government Surveillance Reform Act of 2023 pulls from past privacy bills to overhaul how police and the feds access Americans’ data and communications.

YouTube’s Ad Blocker Detection Believed to Break EU Privacy Law

A complaint filed with the EU’s independent data regulator accuses YouTube of failing to get explicit user permission for its ad blocker detection system, potentially violating the ePrivacy Directive.

How Citizen Surveillance Ate San Francisco

When a homeless man attacked a former city official, footage of the onslaught became a rallying cry. Then came another video, and another—and the story turned inside out.

How to Get Facebook Without Ads—if It’s Available for You

Meta now offers users an ad-free option, but it’s only available in Europe for those who can afford the €10-a-month subscription.

Apple, Google, and Microsoft Just Patched Some Spooky Security Flaws

Plus: Major vulnerability fixes are now available for a number of enterprise giants, including Cisco, VMWare, Citrix, and SAP.

The Best Password Managers to Secure Your Digital Life

Keep your logins locked down with our favorite apps for PC, Mac, Android, iPhone, and web browsers.

How to Stop Google Bard From Storing Your Data and Location

Checking out this AI chatbot's new features? Make sure to keep these privacy tips in mind during your interactions.

This New Tool Aims to Keep Terrorism Content Off the Internet

Small platforms without resources to handle takedown requests have been weaponized by terrorist groups that share their content online. A free new tool is coming to help clean house.

Here’s How Violent Extremists Are Exploiting Generative AI Tools

Experts are finding thousands of examples of AI-created content every week that could allow terrorist groups and other violent extremists to bypass automated detection systems.

Omegle Was Forced to Shut Down by a Lawsuit From a Sexual Abuse Survivor

Omegle connected strangers to one another and had a long-standing problem of pairing minors with sexual predators. A legal settlement took it down.

The GOP Presidential Debate Is Livestreaming on Rumble, Home to White Nationalist Nick Fuentes

The third GOP debate is sponsored by the Republican Jewish Coalition and will be livestreamed on a platform favored by one of America’s most notorious white nationalists.